Highly creative, innovative, specialised in leading and crafting a product from ideation to launch.
Having worked in Web/Software Solutions for over a decade, currently leads the launch of market disruptive AI products at Unity Technologies.  
Crafting multi-year strategy and research to create high-impact products that meet strict regulatory requirements while delivering cutting-edge solutions to customers.


Companies I have worked for in the past.

Unity Technologies

I'm currently leading the GTM and Safety strategy on how AI can help Gaming Studios curb toxicity in their player Voice Chats and make gaming experiences safe.

OTO Systems

I joined this ~15 person AI startup as a Product and UX lead to find product/market fit for DeepTone™, which resulted into an acqui-hire from Unity Technologies.


I’ve worked on two main projects to grow Zalando Partnerships Platform with Brand Homes and the Zalando Business Platform.


I was a UX lead and consultant, worked across several strategic transformation projects in RegTech, Utilities and Government, including the development and launch of the visible E360 Portal.


With skills across 5 different fields, I am the ideal person when it comes to creating business value with new innovation products.

Product Management

Working as a PM for a startup and a scale-up taught me how to balance, priorities, resources, complexity and uncertainty. 
With a good mastery of stakeholder communication.

AI Tech and Regulation

Named in Women Leaders of Conversational AI, Class of 2023.
I led cross-functional teams through the product development and launch  of AI products, ensuring compliance with data protection laws and navigating ethical considerations in the use of AI.

Strategy and Innovation

I've been developing strategic roadmaps and defining visions for multi-year initiatives, leveraging insights from market and user research to inform execution across product development teams.

UX/Interaction Design

Designing for business solutions, strengthened my ability to navigate complex services and combine business requirements with user needs, crafting intuitive user interfaces. I also support UX Design students as mentor for Designlab.

User Research

I specialised in user-centered research methods during my HCI days at CMU. I've grown and evolved this practice through all the professional project's I've been on. Up until today, it's the same foundation I use in product discovery and measuring product success.


Clay Studio

As a passionate potter, I pour my heart into each creation, capturing the essence of beauty and functionality in every piece.
If you're a lover of art, design, or simply appreciate the beauty of handmade creations, then you've come to the right place.

Etsy store (soon)